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START NOW NAIOP is pleased to offer this free service to help all chapters launch a mentoring program or supplement existing programs with this unique and successful model of mentorship.

-Beth Gulding, Chapter Relations Manager

Powerfully engaging. What's so special?

The elegant simplicity of this mentoring model is its real strength and advantage to an organization. Despite their complex fast-paced world, mentors quickly see the value in this style of topics-based mentoring and are attracted to how easily mentoring sessions can fit their busy schedules. Large numbers of mentees have rare opportunities for personal and professional growth just by signing up and clicking a computer mouse. Program administrators have the intuitive cloud-based program software to make launching and managing a mentorship program so easy.

Quick to launch. Powerfully engaging. High impact. Sustainable and expandable. That's special.

The Mentors' experience

Mentors gain as much as they give. This non-traditional style of mentoring facilitates a true two-way exchange, which is a big reason 70-80% of mentors in this program model contribute their time year to year. They enjoy the chance to share their experiences and insights comfortably and conversationally while also learning from the Developing Leaders with whom they meet. The sessions are a meaningful opportunity to hear how the rising talent in the industry sees the future of commercial real estate.

The Mentees' experience

What a sight for a professional seeking knowledge and advice that can enhance their career: the wall of mentors in the Mentor Gallery!

Many of the mentors will be known to the mentees by reputation and every Developing Leader participating in the program has an equal chance to book a mentorship session with any mentor. Here's what mentees have said about their experiences …

"Met thought leaders in the industry"

"Benefited by positive influences on my career"

"Learned what it takes to succeed and be a leader"

"Made connections that span the breadth of the industry"

"I know the impact good advice and a nudge in the right direction can have"